The following classes can be offered as group classes, individual and/or ceremonial teachings that can be tailored for 1 hour, 90 min or 2-hour sessions.

Hangdog Yoga – Need more stamina, strength and gravity surfing? Come strengthen your core, learn to avoid lock off and other common climbing injuries with intense anatomy sessions and find the playfulness of balance in your gravity surfing. Forrest Yoga asanas are specifically created to heal injury and trauma both emotionally and physically. This class is for any power hungry junky ready to move into ease and grace. With the expertise of having been a sponsored competitive climber and training with Jim Waugh and the Phoenix Rock Gym, Candace was also the REI Climbing Lead in Tempe, Arizona for 5 years. Climbing on all types of rock around the world and being injured herself, the only thing that healed the scar tissue, the persistent inflammation, and chronic pain was the practice of Forrest Yoga. Come learn how to heal and improve your practice. (Although stoked with climbing knowledge, any and every athlete and play-hard trainee is welcome).

Forrest Basics – A foundation class using Forrest sequencing and poses beginning with pranyama, warm-up, hot flow, warm-down and savasana with assists. Slower paced, holding poses longer to increase strength and build a fire to sweat out and release toxins and stress. Reenergizing your body to health and healing.

Forrest 2/3 (Intermediate and Advanced) – A deeper practice of Forrest Yoga that includes advanced poses of interlocks, inversions and gravity surfing. A playful and intense practice that can be modified for anyone with a basic knowledge of the Forrest Foundation asanas. Playing with your edge, increasing confidence and releasing the stuckness in your body and mind to let go of what holds you back. Come play.

Intensive Forrest Workshops – These workshops are specialized classes that use Forrest sequencing that target specific parts of the body at each workshop. For example: Hips and Backbends, Shoulders/Abs, Knees and Inversions. Healing and Injury focused the workshops open locked spots in the body with breath and movement adding a playfulness to enliven your spirit. These workshops are generally 2 hours long.

Native Roots – Centered on a traditional Native American spiritual ceremony of calling in the 4 directions. Chanting and drumming, we will begin the journey with breath. Ceremonies are part of the Forrest Intensives and can be a blessing for any opening where sacred space needs to be held and shared.

Pranyama Fire – Breathing meditations using gentle asana and heat to awaken the spirit. Qi gong healing sounds and fire building pranayama heat the core and bring energy gently into early morning sunrise.

Healing Sessions – One on one focusing healing and asana to heal injury and unlock blocked energy asking illness or disease what it wants to teach you. Empathic and energy moving 1 hour sessions

Private Sessions – 1-2 people with a focus on specific areas or asanas chosen for each class. Using Forrest sequencing, an intelligent process will guide you into a deeper practice with hands-on assists and guided focus, using breath, increasing strength and grace in movement.

2 thoughts on “Teachings

  • I am interested in learning Forrest Yoga. I live in IN and am a 2 time breast cancer survivor. I feel this would benefit me in so many ways! I love the Pacific NW, so I would love another trip out there. I didn’t know if you offer training or I could incorporate several days together. Most people teach 2 days/wk for 6wks, however this is something that would be impossible! I didn’t know if there was anything you might be doing that I could get involved with?
    Thank you for your time!

    • Hello Stephanie, i would suggest finding a workshop weekend that Ana Forrest is teaching
      make the effort to take all of the workshops for that weekend, or attend the morning sessions
      during a teacher training and then you can learn from Ana herself. She is a medicine woman
      and could get you on the right path to heal from two cancer episodes. I teach workshops
      and classes not anything as the schedule you suggested, however i am leaving the country
      march and april. If you come to portland send a note. Otherwise i am certain there are people nearer to you that may be in your town even. Check the Forrest Yoga website and scan the teachers that are listed. That list is not all of them, just the ones who chose to be listed and pay membership fees.
      Let me know if i can help further. good luck and best wishes with your healing.

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