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Qigong & Yoga on Zoom now since Covid19

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For my students and potential students, we are now holding 3 Daoist/Shaolin Qigong practices a week, and a Forrest Yoga class at least once during these times of pause.


  • Monday YangFire Yoga 815am PNW, 915Denver, 1015CT, 1115 East Coast,
  • Wed Daoist Qigong 9am PNW
  • Sat Daoist Qigong 9am PNW
  • Friday Forrest Yoga 9am PNW

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Thank you! And I look forward to practicing with you for our Healthy Future!


You can also find me on YouTube  under Lily Vega Qigong



Students Comments:

“I’ve never had a better teacher than Candace. Her qigong classes are phenomenal. She helps us truly understand our practice, the connection of the breath to the movement of energy, and the movement of energy to our health.

Having online classes has been the best news this past month.

And her class for sciatica had me touching past my toes for the first time, possibly in my life. After one class. I wish I could clone her and keep her in my pocket for whenever I need guidance. “… Jackie, Denver


“I know Candace, have taken classes from her…she is the best! You will feel better and better after every session..!”  Theresa, SJI


“Candace is a gifted and knowledgeable healer and teacher. She has a very diverse understanding of the physical, spiritual, & energetic aspects of the body. Her Qi Gong instruction is empowering and fortifying for all skill levels.”…. Edward, SJI


“Candace is a knowledgeable and caring teacher . Classes are well planned and structured to fit the capabilities of the students. She also shares her deep knowledge of this practice, Qigong, which enriches her classes tremendously. I strongly recommend her as an outstanding teacher. Thank you Candace”…..Barbara


“Candace is very smart, dedicated, compassionate and a natural healing teacher. I love her Qi gong classes. They are relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Her connection to the natural world is so evident and flows through all her classes. A very giving and wonderful teacher, I highly recommend her classes and therapeutics.” Nancy..Denver


“Candace is a gifted yoga and qigong teacher with a deep understanding of the subject matter , both physically and spiritually . We highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor…..Barbara Cox and Rod Kulbach (San Juan Island)

“I have taken Candace Gossen’s yoga classes with great appreciation of the depth of her knowledge and her teaching style. I was never once bored; she struck me as the best of the dozen or so instructors I have experienced at our local health and fitness center on San Juan Island. 

I sat in on her class on the archaeology of Easter Island at Skagit Valley College and was again impressed with her ability to sustain interest in a class with a wide variety of backgrounds. (I say that as a retired Medical School academic.)”….Alan F. Boyne, Ph.D.


“I am over 55 and I participated in Candace’s yoga and Qigong classes. 
Candace Gossen is a committed and empowering yoga and Qigong instructor.
Candace’s background in Environmental Archaeology is reflected in her yoga
and Qigong instruction. Candace is a professional and a dedicated
instructor and her classes were enjoyable.”… Mary Schmitt


“I loved your yoga classes. I always found your style of teaching strong and gentle. The pace you set was great and allowed enough time to really settle into the poses. Most impressive was how I felt you honored each of us as fellow human beings on a path and we were working together towards everyone feeling good. Good luck in all that you do and thank you so much for what you gave to me.”
Kind regards,….Anamo Roloff
“I took a Medical Chi Gong class with Candice, and learned so much during the course. The weekly emails and also the handouts allowed for much education on the subject, and the weekly sessions were profoundly inspiring and helpful, as I practiced Medical Chi Gong for the first time. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable on the subjects she teaches, Candace Gossen is passionate about her work, and passionate about sharing her expertise and knowledge with her students and this makes for a pleasurable and enriching experience!”…Carol Merrifield

Shen Yoga

Shen Yoga  – is the spirit of movement which defies limitation of time and space, with capacity for relationships not defined by physical or temporal boundaries. Therefor by using a distinct sequence of Forrest Yoga asanas combined with 5 element qi energy, a unique healing art has been created to heal emotional and physical trauma that becomes blocked in the body. These sessions are open to everyone, all levels which provide a start for beginners to advanced level poses for long-term practitioners.

Bring: yoga mat, block, strap and either 2nd mat or blanket/lrg towel


Yoga for Survivors of Childhood Abuse – The first class is FREE as a courtesy of grace to allow you a space in which you can experience the healing powers of the Seven Emotions that we as abuse victims store in our body.

Come to this powerful 2 hour session that begins Sept. 29 from 9-11am that begins with a Native American Ceremony to call in the Spirit Elders and Protectors for a safe space. We shall chant and open our throat chakra that we often close off when unable to call for help or speak our mind. Then we will practice body movement with a special sequence of asanas that relate to the emotion that resides in that part of the body in order to heal its spirit so that our physical and mental body becomes balanced. We will conclude the classes with a special letting go ceremony from Tibetan Medicine.

This is a very special class open to anyone that has been affected by abuse, physically, emotionally, spiritually as a child that is now an adult.

We will follow with a 7 week session where each week will be dedicated to the Seven Emotions.

A package of 7 classes = $84 dana

Email to make your commitment to change and heal!

Bring: yoga mat, block, strap, large towel/blanket or second mat


Summer 2012 — I am currently traveling and teaching workshops in the Pacific NW between Bend, Oregon and Squamish, BC. Check the Workshops link for information.

If you are interested in a workshop, a yoga practice or healing session please contact me at



At the beginning of the year, January 2012,

i travelled to teach and practice Thai Plant Medicine and Massage.

Thank you to my Achaan, Homprang at Baan Hom Samunphrai


previous to Thailand I taught in Denver, Colorado

Thank you to Studio Shakta now Breathe on Santa Fe ,



Kindness Yoga

for allowing me to grace your studios and teach.


Private Sessions Available:

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