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Just finished a 30 min ab workout, how about you? Did you know that somatic exercise, using your body to move the breath and blood treats the mind, body and spirit. You feel better, you look better, your dark depression lifts, all it takes is a will to show up. I teach 5 classes a week via ZOOM, join me and the community that has been holding it strong over covid.

Schedule: As of February 2021, all classes begin at 8am PNWtime

Monday. YangFireYoga 60min – Hatha based strength. 8amPNWtime

Wed Daoist Qigong – Working Seasonal forms, 30 min warmup and 30 min Qigong practice. 8am PNWtime

Friday. Forrest Yoga 1 hour – Hatha based full practice. 8amPNWtime

Saturday Daoist Qigong – Medicine Forms + Seasonal Forms 8am PNWtime

Abs in every class, heals the back and strengthens the core. A strong core has proper digestion, is able to send fire down, and hold the skeleton strong. Did you know that your face carries the lines of digestion? Posture, length, flexibility, balance, its all in the practice.

Come join me. Email for ZOOM codes. See you there!

Candace is a Forrest Yoga certified both Foundation and Advanced training with Ana Forrest since 2011 and a Daoist Qigong Instructor which brought me through my own healing from a malaria infection that nearly killed me in 2008. My own life experiences of healing, pain, injury as a climber and soccer player, are brought into my classes to help you. And brought me to being a Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in Musculoskeletal and trauma.

See you soon!

Holiday gift cards available.

Eat Healthy

Included in this post are some updates on Tinctures, Teas and Recipes to help you turn your diet into a premium fuel source of your life!

Tinctures are ready and available for order. A 2oz bottle is $18. All plants have been wildcrafted by me, in the greatest reverence, honor and exchange. These trees and flowers and roots are used with great care in making this medicine, with clean and pure Oregon vodka. Small batches are prepared in the Autumn after the harvests of the summer. Allow these plants, specially prepared for you to bring a little magic of healing to your life.

The list includes: Gingko (when the leaves were green in the summer heat, on a dormant volcano, from 50ft gingko trees planted on Mt. Tabor, where coyotes, chukar, eagles and owls roam. in the spirit of these leaves is wildness. What better medicine to improve blood to your brain, than life exchange with the wildlife of open spaces. I have also mixed Gingko with a root of Red Panax Ginseng for more Qi and vitality. (Benefits: treat altitude sickness (prevention), cerebral vascular insufficiency, cognitive disorders, dementia, dizziness/vertigo, intermittent claudication, macular degeneration/glaucoma, memory loss, premenstrual syndrome, SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, and as a vasodilator.)

Osha, Bear root – In a world where this plant has been overrun and abused, as people search for healthy plant medicine, Osha has a great story and how I learned about the plant. When Bear wakes from his long sleep, she comes out of her cave rubbing her eyes in search of Osha. Finding the plant, she digs up the roots and rolls around, grateful for the sun, that the snow is gone, an inhales the pungent smell of Osha root, Bear root. A symbiotic relationship. So what happens to the bears when the humans take all of the roots? and destroys the plant? They have relationship with plant, and do not destroy the plants. Humans do not understand this and they only see making money from the sale of the product. But did they ask permission before taking the roots? or destroying the plant? Did they make an offering in exchange? Plants know fear, and they produce defenses, which can change their internal medicine. Just as plants that are grown commerically to eat, are now missing the vital nutrients of the earth and her organisms, the material becomes lifeless and offers nothing in return. This bear root has been offered from the mountains of Northern New Mexico. These tinctures benefit the heart spirit, lungs, and immunity. When taking your daily dose for winter think about how grateful the bear is to feel the warmth of the sun, to take in the pungent odor of the root to open his lungs and breath full and vital again! This is the medicine of Osha root.

More tinctures and more stories: Reishi (antler native to PNW), Burdock root, Hawthorn berry, Elderflower Topical, Qu Jiu (dragon’s blood mix) Topical.

Lose Weight Tea

Part of the DaoQi apothecary…. I have started mailing the tea out to folks.And wanted to provide the recipe for those that have a Chinese Apothecary nearby and can get your own ingredients:2 grams per day for 30 days = 60grams. I have been making individual bags for 5 days with 4 grams of each ingredient. Brew up with 40oz of waterand have a cup a day (80z) and will last in the fridge for 5 days until you brew the next bag. 

And with all Chinese recipes, this too is bitter! 🙂. Weight Loss Tea – Lotus leaf, Goji berry, Coix, Chen Pi)Not only does it help in draining damp/heat and dispel phlegm (congealed fluids lead to fat), helps urination to pee out the turbid water, moves qi, supports KD yin. The Coix, known as Job’s tears or Yi Yi Ren, also help Respiratory, reduce cholesterol, and inflammation like arthritis. The bitter of the Lotus leaf treats the heart, spleen and stomach. Chen Pi or citrus peel, also treats the lungs, spleen and stomach as it dries up damp, and helps build qi and treats fatigue. Goji berry treats blood, diabetes, high blood pressure and the eyes. Yum. I have been mailing out 30 day Weight Loss Tea, PM me if you would like some. 8 oz a day for 30 days. $12.
“Lotus leaf extract, when combined with L-carnitine, represents a treatment option for obesity-related diseases. The mixture is shown to prevent adipogenesis, the formation of fatty tissue. The results showed that lotus leaf slowed the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, increased energy expenditure and accelerated lipid metabolism. Lotus leaf also prevented the increase of body weight.”…/

For breakfast: Pear/Oat MedicineIf you have a dry cough, steam Asian pear w red dates (ju jube, da zao), chuan bei mu(fritillaria), jie geng (balloon flower root) honey and cinnamon and smash/strain the situation through a sieve and drink the liquid, then eat the fruit. So yummy and nourishing.
or just slice up a pear or two, put in cranberries, raisins, goji berries, maybe a little cacao, and rolled oats, organic of course! and cook until oats are soft. Nutures Yin which keeps the dry lungs moisturized, oats are great for digestion, goji and cranberries are red treats blood nourishment, raisins for iron. 

Qigong and Yoga Practices on Zoom

For my students and potential students, we are now holding 2 Daoist/Shaolin Qigong practices a week, and 2 Yoga classes a week beginning 11/16/20

  • ** (change 11/16/20)
  • **Monday Yoga (YangFire) 815am PNW, 915Denver, 1015CT, 1115 East Coast,
  • Wed Daoist Qigong 9amPNW
  • Friday Forrest Yoga 9amPNW
  • Sat Daoist Qigong 9amPNW

The secret to life is held within Pi.


The race will go on forever since pi is an irrational number, meaning that the digits in its decimal expansion will never repeat in a periodic pattern. It is also likely that pi is “normal”, meaning that each of the digits from 0 to 9 will appear in the expansion exactly one tenth of the time. Pi’s digits seem to mimic randomness exceptionally well, meaning that – theoretically, at least – it should be possible to find any number string somewhere in pi.

Its unpredictable cacophony of digits, arising from such a simple definition, is one reason why pi has captured the imagination not only of mathematicians but also of artists, writers and musicians. Pi is a metaphor for the unexplained; a link between the beautifully simple and the infinitely complex.

For those that want to join, please email Candace at info at black coyote medicine dot org.

Also visit my youtube page, Lily Vega Qigong. (click)