DaoQi Acupuncture

December 2020: As we move into a new year, I continue to offer TeleMedicine, wildcrafting tinctures to help with lungs, blood, memory, and more. I continue to teach Qigong and Yoga via Zoom, and offer consults that include Self-healing through acupressure, sending you tacks and moxa via mail, Nutrition and supplements, Qigong and Yoga exercises, and mental health support. Energy has no boundaries and we can work together anywhere.

Linktree is the one link to find my schedule, purchase tinctures and herbs, newsletters and good medicine and more. https://linktr.ee/Candacegossen

March 2020: The photo below was taken in 2014, on one of my research expeditions to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) taking a sediment core from a seasonal creek looking for fossil pollen of ancient trees. As I look at it now in 2020, it seems, in a funny way, like putting acupuncture needles into the channels of Qi in the human body, and then I say “of course” this has always been the story all along, it’s just unfolding now, over time, with alot of faith and reflection on where I’ve come from to now.

This year 2020 I took my National Board Exams in Acupuncture at the end of January. In the middle of March, I got results of passing my exams and within a week I had a license to practice Acupuncture in Colorado and licensed in Oregon and Arizona as well. And then what we had been hearing about, this strange new virus called Covid19, came to cause a long pause in America. As soon as I got my new beginning I was now pausing. By the end of March I was teaching Zoom classes to my Qigong and Yoga students around the country and afar. Adaptation is the key to this big change which we cannot run from, and we must adapt to.

DaoQi Acupuncture is the beginning of the next chapter. The melding of 10 years of teaching Daoist Qigong, with double those years as an Environmental Science teacher. Always a teacher, always a healer, it is a new beginning where the world is searching for a medicine that is whole, regenerative, a reflection of nature and as broad an understanding to healing that includes eating good food, making good blood, exercising to move Qi, medicine plants to replace an insipid addiction to pharma and a way to heal the mind, body and spirit back into a complete human again.

Dr. Candace Gossen, is a Professor of Environmental Science and Archaeology, an Explorer, and now a Medicine Woman. (Wu Yi)

Dr. Candace Gossen, is a Professor and teacher of Environmental Science and Archaeology, an Explorer, and now a Medicine Woman (Wu Yi).