schedule changes effective March 8, 2021

Schedule by the week: 2/21-2/27

Forrest Yoga Monday and Friday 8amPNWtime/9amDenver-Az/10CT/11ET Daoist Qigong Wed and Saturday 8amPNWtime/9amDenver-Az/10CT/11ET

Schedule by the week: 2/28-3/6

Forrest Yoga Monday and Friday 8amPNWtime/9amDenver-Az/10amCT Daoist Qigong Wed and Saturday 8amPNWtime/9amDenver-Az/10amCT

New Schedule begins: 3/7/2021 thru the end of April 2021

Forrest Yoga Friday only open to the Public 8am PNWtime/9am Denver-Az Daoist Qigong Saturday only open to the Public 8am PNWtime/9am Denver-Az

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Ronin Institute Seminar Feb. 12, 2021


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What Really Happened to the Trees on Easter Island

Presented by:

Candace Gossen

Date: Feb 12, 2021
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM US Eastern Time / 19:00-20:00 UTC (in your local time)
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Hosted by: Stéphanie Cassilde


According to historical views by colonizing wayward voyagers, Easter
Island was a barren island, devoid of trees and full of giant statues
left behind from a cultural collapse. These myths have now been rejected
and the truth accepted that slavery diminished Easter Island’s 4,000
people to 111 in 1862. But an important question remains: Did the
islanders really cut down all of their trees? The only way to literally
dig into the past to uncover what plants, ecosystems, and climate
changes were occurring was to core the ancient crater lake of Rano Kao.
In this presentation, Candace will present the results of 15,000 years
of discovery with an answer to: What really happened to the trees?
_See the announcement for the seminar here. _


While doing this field research, I learned what it was like to work in a
quagmire and walk on water.

Questions about the seminar? Contact See
the list of past seminars, as well as some recordings on the Ronin
Institute YouTube.


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Health and Wellness via ZOOM for you

Just finished a 30 min ab workout, how about you? Did you know that somatic exercise, using your body to move the breath and blood treats the mind, body and spirit. You feel better, you look better, your dark depression lifts, all it takes is a will to show up. I teach 5 classes a week via ZOOM, join me and the community that has been holding it strong over covid.

Schedule: As of February 2021, all classes begin at 8am PNWtime

Monday. YangFireYoga 60min – Hatha based strength. 8amPNWtime

Wed Daoist Qigong – Working Seasonal forms, 30 min warmup and 30 min Qigong practice. 8am PNWtime

Friday. Forrest Yoga 1 hour – Hatha based full practice. 8amPNWtime

Saturday Daoist Qigong – Medicine Forms + Seasonal Forms 8am PNWtime

Abs in every class, heals the back and strengthens the core. A strong core has proper digestion, is able to send fire down, and hold the skeleton strong. Did you know that your face carries the lines of digestion? Posture, length, flexibility, balance, its all in the practice.

Come join me. Email for ZOOM codes. See you there!

Offering specials $60 for unlimited classes per month, that is 20 classes for $3 each! Or drop in for $10 via paypal, easy. And free access to my youtube channel with Yoga and Qigong videos

Candace is a Forrest Yoga certified both Foundation and Advanced training with Ana Forrest since 2011 and a Daoist Qigong Instructor which brought me through my own healing from a malaria infection that nearly killed me in 2008. My own life experiences of healing, pain, injury as a climber and soccer player, are brought into my classes to help you. And brought me to being a Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in Musculoskeletal and trauma.

See you soon!

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