Qigong and Yoga Practices on Zoom

For my students and potential students, we are now holding 2 Daoist/Shaolin Qigong practices a week, and 2 Yoga classes a week beginning 11/16/20

  • ** (change 11/16/20)
  • **Monday Yoga (YangFire) 815am PNW, 915Denver, 1015CT, 1115 East Coast,
  • Wed Daoist Qigong 9amPNW
  • Friday Forrest Yoga 9amPNW
  • Sat Daoist Qigong 9amPNW

The secret to life is held within Pi.


The race will go on forever since pi is an irrational number, meaning that the digits in its decimal expansion will never repeat in a periodic pattern. It is also likely that pi is “normal”, meaning that each of the digits from 0 to 9 will appear in the expansion exactly one tenth of the time. Pi’s digits seem to mimic randomness exceptionally well, meaning that – theoretically, at least – it should be possible to find any number string somewhere in pi.

Its unpredictable cacophony of digits, arising from such a simple definition, is one reason why pi has captured the imagination not only of mathematicians but also of artists, writers and musicians. Pi is a metaphor for the unexplained; a link between the beautifully simple and the infinitely complex.

For those that want to join, please email Candace at info at black coyote medicine dot org.

Also visit my youtube page, Lily Vega Qigong. (click) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEIKLkEKjWggkddjWM_Nrzg

Artist Residency March 2020

A very lucky artist I am, indeed! For the month of March I will be in Bisbee, Arizona working on illustrations, stories and completion of my book Ancient Plants of Rapa Nui in the beautiful space gifted by Object Limited https://objecthotel.com/ These residencies are by application and proposal “Through this program, Object Limited provides selected artists and writers a private, light-flooded studio as well as complete living accomodations within the building, PR support, and an opportunity to share completed and in-progress work with the local and larger Southern Arizona community.” If you are an artist and interested, please check out the link above. And for all of my friends, students and colleagues, please come by my studio during my time in Bisbee. As always, I offer commissioned work. For examples see the Art link on this website.

Cheers everyone, so looking forward to working within the San Pedro Nature Conservation Area also to add more awareness to the richness of this great diverse place. Not happy about the Border Wall that is blazing through this fragile area, stay tuned to this website for future posts.

Thank you, and with warm wishes always, Candace

future publication date in 2020

Holiday & Seasonal Tinctures/Liniments

DaoQi- New small batch tinctures and liniments from wildcrafted plants available local to Denver, Co and by request to mail. Please email Candace at info@blackcoyotemedicine.org.

All 2oz tinctures are based in 80proof vodka which is 40% alcohol and 60% water. The plants alchemy is extracted from various parts of the medicine plants, mashed in a ortar and pestle and placed into a sealed jar with alcohol with a 1:4,1:6, 1:8 ratio, shaken daily and left to soak for an average of 4 weeks. The tinctures and topical liniments will last for years.

Currently there are the following available:

Tinctures & Topicals

Osha Root Tincture, wildcrafted from New Mexico root. Tincture 2oz=$18; Candied Osha in honey 1oz=$10.

Gingko leaf Tincture, wildcrafted from a tree in Portland, Oregon. 2oz=$18.

Elderflower Liniment, wildcrafted from elder flowers in New Mexico,4 oz=$15; 2oz=$10.

Reishi tincture made from Reishi mushrooms from Oregon. 2oz=$18.

Wu Jiu is a topical liniment for moving blood and qi made of dragons blood (tree resin), myrrh resin, eucommia bark, borneol, ginger root powder, mugwort, junioer berry, COTA, hawthirn berry, and lavender. 1 oz=$7

Plant Medicine info sheets below:

Pdf copy click here