Illustrations – Ancient Plants of Rapa Nui & Their Stories

These illustrations, 40 of them, are from the Ph.D. work I did coring the crater lake Rano Kao on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). By coring the sediments back to 15,000 years ago, my mentor Dr. Ed Cushing at the UMN, and I took almost a year to identify and analyze each of the fossil pollen in the cores. Along with fungi, bacteria, minerals, plant parts, seeds and more, we were able to recreate a timeline of ecosystem changes and combined with the oxygen isotope analysis of the same cores, were able to determine patterns and cycles of climate change.

Please find these illustrations of the species of plants found via their fossil pollen form, and realize that these plants are no longer found on the island. Some are extinct, and these are the best renderings to their closest families.

These are available for purchase, and coming in 2020 is the long awaited Ancient Plant Book of Rapa Nui.

Book Cover

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Artist Residency, Object Ltd., Bisbee Az

March 2020

Oil, Oil Pastels, on brown fiber paper

The Art you see below…..

My art is a collage of my photographs and sketches. Each piece generally has 3 images that transforms into layers and depth with the help of photoshop. The final images are then printed in different mediums including canvas, cotton, fiber, mylar, film, plexiglas and many more yet to try. Some are oiled afterwards or backlit. Look closely to see if you can find the images that lie hidden within the seams of the others.


Gypsy – oil on canvas 2′ x 3′


Water Bear – oil on canvas 2′ x3′

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  • All of my art is a story, combining 3 images that i have either photographed or sketched, collaged together and printed in various mediums on canvas, mylar, plexiglass, paper. Some are backlit, they are all experiments.

    Commissions are welcome. please email for inquiry.

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