Ecological Architecture

solar7.83 design studio. USA and International

January 1996 – 2012

Architect, designer, educator.  Passive solar – low energy ecological building design specializing in earth and strawbale structures. Sustainability and embodied energy research.

Project list includes: Gayman Eco House; Douglas Meadows/Human Solutions SB Recycling Center; Skelton Residence; Menzies/Stephan Residence; Tamarack Strawbale Project; Solar – Garage/Studio Retrofit; Gonzo Structure; Soasey Summer Lake Project; Habitat for Humanity, Portland, Strawbale residence, Stilwell Cob Ecohaus; Pacific City Japanese Strawbale House; Tamarack biodiesel project.


Archived Projects

from the design studio of



bullet Solar Hot Tub Install
bullet Sawdust Cob Wall
bullet Eco roof Workshop
bullet A strawbale house in Mulino, Oregon
bullet A Hyprairie Straw Home

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summer 2006

summer 2006

summer 2006



bullet Tamarack Strawbale Project
bullet Tamarack Urban Infill Project
bullet Bottle wall workshop
bullet Tamarack Solar
bullet Gayman Strawbale Residence

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strawbale moisture testing info the studio has now become a studio apartment. Making small places work! see photos

May 2003, PCC comm. ed. workshop @ tamarack

1.5 kw pv system installed 11/12/2004

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bullet The Gonzo
bullet Menzies/Stephan Design
bullet Skelton Residence
bullet Soasey Strawbale Residence
bullet Douglas Meadows
wpeF.jpg (29854 bytes) menzies/stephan residence

wpe4.gif (4592 bytes)   current photos

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gonzo shortclip (3M)


Estacada, Oregon

Attic Loft Remodel, Portland, Oregon

Summer Lake, Oregon



bullet Coastal Straw Home
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recycled metal posts on piers w/ movable walls on tracks

more projects in the works………..