Intro to Archaeology – Anth 204

ANTH 204
Skagit Valley College – Spr 2015

Tues/Thurs 11:45 – 2:00pm
April 7 – June 18 (10weeks)
5 Credit and Non-Credit Options
Instr. – Dr. Candace Gossen

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Like digging int he dirt? Uncovering some piece of pottery, or glass bottle and wondering where it came from? Well me too! Sometimes Archaeology is pushing paper, sometimes it trying to find taxonomy of unknown stuff. Other times you are walking on floating peat bogs on Easter Island, or looking for a petroglyph called the Drought Panel. This class is an Introduction to Archaeology, where we will survey bones, rocks, obsidian, pollen, isotopes, statues, buildings, mounds, trees and everything that humans use, modify and leave behind including garbage. You will never see archaeology quite the same after this class!

Intro to Archaeology-ANTH204