UNST 124 – Sustainability Fall 2013

Sustainability UNST 124Y  MW 11-1215     Cramer Hall 201

working concept diagram

energy flow diagram

Sustainability Syllabus

At the beginning of the term, each student as asked to choose a POG which had one of the 5 Elements written onto its back. The groups were then united so that each element was within the group. For the remainder of the term, the groups worked together on projects including an EcoHunt and 24 Hours without Electricity.

Final Projects

The Final Project for each group was to put to test all that we had learned over the past 10 weeks into a sustainable project launched in Kickstarter form. The Project focused on the 5Elements in a sustainable social media project that would change the world.

1. Kinetic Shoe Insert Charges Phone Battery         Video & Presentation

2. Biodigester eliminates Toxoplasma parasite from kitty litter and saves otters     Video     FRINQOtterPresentation

3. Biodigesting Victor’s Cafe waste to heat water for dishwashing  Video FINAL POWERPOINT

4. WeCycle – tree planting App   Video Wecycle

5. District 12 – Feeding Homeless w/ 30% Untouched Restaurant Waste  Video FRINQ PROJECT

6. Composter fuels Tankless Hot Water for Poor & Rural   Video Composting Energy

7. Drain Screen keeps trash out of ocean   Video Trash in our Oceans

These are viable Kickstarter projects, if you have any comments or suggestions to the students please send an email to me and I will forward on.

Thank you