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Students’ comments: 

Dr. Gossen:

“I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your archaeology class at Skagit Valley College. The interactive aspect of the S.A.M. garbage archaeology and De Falco property dig engaged the entire class in an enriching learning experience. As a considerably older student (60 at the time), I was impressed with how involved the younger students became in the “garbage” they were assigned. Each report reflected thoughtful consideration of how garbage may have washed ashore at Deadman’s Bay, and was a testament to your skillful guidance as an educator. You will be missed by many here. San Juan Island’s loss is another community’s gain.” All the best, Denise Ireland


“Candace Gossen is one of the most patient and easy going teachers I have ever had. I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I have a very hard time in large classrooms. Candace was understanding, compassionate, and when I would get overwhelmed she allowed me to step outside the main group and complete the assignment, or part of it, off to the side.

Her patience and compassion allowed me to enjoy her class more than most I have taken. I learned a lot from Garbage Archeology and took more away from it than just scholastic teachings.

As a teacher she is wonderful and as a human being she is amazing. I am very happy I was able to take her class and wish she would teach more at my school!”

Thanks Professora,
Stephanie Sanford