The Trees

Waking on my foam pad, bed is in storage, sitting on the floor, eating my porridge out of my skillet because its the last thing not packed, wearing the clothes I had on yesterday full of a dirty truck. A chapter is ending and a new one beginning. The one i am leaving now is called The Trees, it is everything the last 9 months have been about. With the labor of moving, with a raven eye to what to keep and what one does not need anymore, sifting is what it feels like. The clothes are not timeless, they wear, they don’t fit, like me i am worn and malleable, changed like a hammer to metal. Maybe home is just a comfy chair, and a bowl and spoon, and a sunspot in the morning to drink coffee. Simple. Like the trees, complex, wise, important, malleable by the axe, changed forever. Remembering energy never goes away, it only changes form, Laws of Nature direct the path, if we shall listen. I have sat and listened and felt and spent hundreds of hours these many months with old wise trees. Maybe never to have these moments again, so it is a sad parting and a grateful thanking, one more sunset blessing to be had before the steel horse drives away to the big mountains, to the land of ancients, and there again i will learn and be more of the dust I was made of.