Artist Residency March 2020

A very lucky artist I am, indeed! For the month of March I will be in Bisbee, Arizona working on illustrations, stories and completion of my book Ancient Plants of Rapa Nui in the beautiful space gifted by Object Limited These residencies are by application and proposal “Through this program, Object Limited provides selected artists and writers a private, light-flooded studio as well as complete living accomodations within the building, PR support, and an opportunity to share completed and in-progress work with the local and larger Southern Arizona community.” If you are an artist and interested, please check out the link above. And for all of my friends, students and colleagues, please come by my studio during my time in Bisbee. As always, I offer commissioned work. For examples see the Art link on this website.

Cheers everyone, so looking forward to working within the San Pedro Nature Conservation Area also to add more awareness to the richness of this great diverse place. Not happy about the Border Wall that is blazing through this fragile area, stay tuned to this website for future posts.

Thank you, and with warm wishes always, Candace

future publication date in 2020