Holiday & Seasonal Tinctures/Liniments

DaoQi- New small batch tinctures and liniments from wildcrafted plants available local to Denver, Co and by request to mail. Please email Candace at

All 2oz tinctures are based in 80proof vodka which is 40% alcohol and 60% water. The plants alchemy is extracted from various parts of the medicine plants, mashed in a ortar and pestle and placed into a sealed jar with alcohol with a 1:4,1:6, 1:8 ratio, shaken daily and left to soak for an average of 4 weeks. The tinctures and topical liniments will last for years.

Currently there are the following available:

Tinctures & Topicals

Osha Root Tincture, wildcrafted from New Mexico root. Tincture 2oz=$18; Candied Osha in honey 1oz=$10.

Gingko leaf Tincture, wildcrafted from a tree in Portland, Oregon. 2oz=$18.

Elderflower Liniment, wildcrafted from elder flowers in New Mexico,4 oz=$15; 2oz=$10.

Reishi tincture made from Reishi mushrooms from Oregon. 2oz=$18.

Wu Jiu is a topical liniment for moving blood and qi made of dragons blood (tree resin), myrrh resin, eucommia bark, borneol, ginger root powder, mugwort, junioer berry, COTA, hawthirn berry, and lavender. 1 oz=$7

Plant Medicine info sheets below:

Pdf copy click here