San Fu Days

Hello everyone, I want to extend an invitation to a research project and treatment that I have put together at CSTCM. Working with the  Clinic Director we are offering for the SAN FU Days this summer 2018, herb treatments that are placed
on the back shu points for the lung to treat winter lung afflictions. Its the magic of our medicine that uses the maximum Yang energy of the summer to absorb the healing herbs through the skin, and store in the body to boost the immunity
for winter to come.  Many Asian hospitals have lines of people out the door for these treatments and it is my hope that I can help step research in the TCM profession to begin to bring this into our modern world clinics and hospitals
in the Americas.

The treatments are being offered to friends and family of CSTCM students and faculty as well as the massage school in the building.

CSTCM Located at the corner of York and Colfax, Denver.

Sign up sheets are on the director’s door at the school, and they are slotted between noon and 3pm on the scheduled days, every 15 minutes. It will require one hour and 15 minutes of your time. 15 minutes for the application and questionnaire and one hour of retention and then we take the patches off and you go home.

Many thanks everyone,
Thanks for being on this adventure with me

(click for full pdf)   San Fu CSTCM flyer 2018 copy