Workshop at New Renaissance Bookstore, 7th July 1-4pm

Ancient Medicinal Plants of Easter Island and Their Spiritual Essence

Sunday 7th of July, 2013

New  Renaissance Bookstore

Portland, Oregon

This workshop  will be  a great gift, an experimental workshop searching for the vital essence of plants  that no  longer  live on Easter Island  but were found as fossils in  the lake sediments of the crater lake Rano Kao.

In 2005  and 2008 Candace cored  the lakes  looking for  answers to What  Happened to the Trees?

She uncovered 33  plants that  existed over  the last  15,000 years  from the Last Glacial Maximum  until now including  the giant  palm forests which were  the largest palm on this planet. Unique,  each having their own DNA, breathing as an animal, these  trees were  the lungs of  the South Pacific.

Come hear the  story and participate in a unique healers experience of working with the plants  to  uncover their essence as medicine and the story that wants  to  be  told.

This is a new beginning to a change in the story of this planet to heal, rather than an island that has been used as the model for  human destruction. What we have uncovered most recently is a different story,  please come  share.

See the New  Renaissance Bookstore web  for  registration.