Whale Watch Duty Today!

Whale Watch Duty Today!

Grey 1/2 breach off Neahkahnie Mtn. Lookout

The Grey Whales are migrating north, to the cold waters of Alaska to find food, the Mysid Shrimp that live in the kelp forests. Every year 18k whales now and growing, land in Baja during winter December thru January to live in the warm waters, mate and birth their calves.  When spring comes the hunger drives the greys to leave their warm homes and venture thousands of miles in the cold waters. Now the calendars tell us it is spring but it is still too cold for the mothers and calves, but i have seen a few juveniles frolicing in the waters

Ive had the pleasure of becoming a trained Whale Watcher and this year i get to spend a week on the coast spying whales passing by during 10-1pm each day.I started off the adventure at Cape Foulweather, Capt. Cook obviously stopped by on a stormy year, but the weather was perfectly sunny! My three days there i spotted 36 whales, breaching, spy jopping. fluking, being humped, rolling, pectoral fin waves and lots of “thare she blows”

Now i am at Neahkanie Mountain Lookout and as i calculated i think i saw some of the whales i saw yesterday at Foulweather, but they may have beat me up north as they Re travelling about 5mph, 7 on fast days.

I get very excited on watch and have been called the Eagle Eye as i find whales where others cannot see. Frustrating for them however to hear me call out just over the top of that tree, forward of the slackwater, there a blow, and another, oh a fluke and they never see it.

One more day tomorrow and the weather is holding. The sun is smiling on me! The greys are inspiring me and even though i dont know where my home is, i find it more and more in the big deep spaces like the ocean and with the comets.