Sept Full Moon in the double 5s

So today i received a video about the changing times for September. 2012=5 and Sept 2012 = 5

(ok… 2+0+1+2=5  and  9+2+0+1+2 = 14 = 5)

And this is the auspicious time for CHANGE!  I know you are already feeling it, but what is calling is Freedom.

My story……This is the time of the storms that come and shake the trees. Whatever weakness the tree has (like dying leaves or branches), the storm shakes free, and the roots ground deeper and stronger to withstand the storm. The tree however gets to dance, and bend and sing, moving ever so freely. So when the storm calms whatever is left on the tree is the strongest, the most vital to the life of the tree, and from there the energy and potential of the tree roots will send upward and outward to grow.

I grew up in the bayous of Louisiana, and every fall came the time of hurricanes. It was common to listen to the radio and plot the storm on tracker maps. Fill the bathtub with fresh water, and pull out the candles. often we would have a week without electricity and water with the streets and ditches flooded. We never thought twice about swimming in those ditches, i suppose growing up with muddy, fertile rich rivers, the ditch was just as good. The water moccasins however were nothing to mess with. The trees, the bald cypress amazing creatures set in my blood, just learned to adapt. They stand in the water and shoot the roots up and above the water line to breathe. i love the trees in the bayou. And in my thoughts tonight is the full moon, casting her shadow over the still waters of the muddy waters, where crickets and alligators, lightening bugs and herons all sit in her awe.

I always love stories of trees and this one is promising and positive. Stay with your truths and let go of what is not serving you. And “If i weren’t afraid, what would i do with my life” that is the question to ask.

With great love,


Green Dragon (Yin) and White Tiger (Yang) dancing in the moonlight

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