Nomadic Teacher

Hello all, Im on the road, and

teaching workshops in the Pacific NW


presenting my PhD work on coring the lake Rano Kao at the

Easter Island Conference July 8-13 in Santa Rosa, California


(Audio recording) Shamanism Conf 2011 Presentation on the trees of Easter Island


On July 18, Wed 530-8pm

in Bend Oregon, I will be teaching a Yoga Workshop called

Planting A Seed 


Healing Body Injuries,

a bodyworkshop

in Vancouver and Squamish, BC on 20-21 July, 2012


i travel to the UK in August for

the European Forrest Yoga Mentorship, Newcastle UK, August 7-10


off to teach Planting A Seed, a yoga workshop in Whitby, UK on 12 August,

and present at the Capt. Cook Museum on 14 Aug 2012,

on the ancient plants of Easter Island

Workshop flyers are in the workshop link

Please email (

or call 971-222-5112

to set up


healing sessions,



any gypsy combination of


plant medicine,

thai compress massage,

or just plain breathing sessions 🙂

Keep checking in for updates

With love, BlackCoyote