My Chitimacha roots…

Words from a Chitimacha Medicine Woman…. we made houses from the earth, plastered with moss, ate what grew around us, made our clothes just as the birds weave their nests. The greatest art of the Chitimacha is basket weaving.

Few people know little about the Chetimacha herbs and their uses. and most have a very dim view of what once was called Medicine Man. These men without science and study of drugs and ordinarily without preparation cured their sick many times as surely as the most skillful physicians could do. Eye sickness through herbs, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, lock jaw, black widow spider bites, snake bites and many others. The Indians said the Great Spirit gave them the knowledge to cure and you do not charge for the work of the Great Spirit.

These practices were finally taken away from the Chitimacha in 1938 by the AMA. Jailed if anyone was treated. The medicine has gone to the grave with the elders.

So much of my work i have seen this same story, Conquest for land, white man brings disease and jails native medicine people for healing, slavery, collapse of community, assimilated into the big white pot. loss of tradition, knowledge about the earth, only to be replaced by artificial environments.

What kind of human do you want to be? We can chose.

The Athleticism of a DCI member!

DCI= Drum Corps International, a powerful, nonprofit, global youth from age 13-21 activity, with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence.

The Athlete

youtube video

This is Kickass! I truly believe what formed me as an athlete, my brain’s ability to play music and math on one side of the brain, the creativity and community on the other side, truly creates super excellent healthy creatures! I’m so glad i saw this video, i am reinspired by the beauty. This is the world i came from, and although i tried to mess it up every chance i could, i made it thru my world, entirely because of my band director and my body’s ability to become a warrior which fed my spirit to an incredible level!

The Golden Mountains, Fall 2012

Thursday I drove to Denver from Santa Fe, Hwy 285. A beautiful drive thru the forests, into the big sky, over the rivers, alongside the Elk and Deer. What a brilliant adventure wiley dog and i had. It wasn’t til my return on Saturday that the Aspens sparkled brilliant gold, lime green, yellow and orange. So magnificent i thought, how creative of you Candace to plan a workshop in Denver just at this time of Fall so you could see watercolors in the trees.

The trees were magnificent. The air was big, the clouds were dancing and as i looked around i thought and wrote (yes i write while i drive 🙂 about the 5 elements. As i looked over to the mountains, they are like the kidneys nurturing the moisture and moving the will upward. They are so yin that they draw the clouds to them, and hold them ever so precious so that eventually the clouds will give their resistance and melt down the valleys and follow the river and streams into the little creeks that meander thru the forests. Twice wiley dog got out and swam in the rivers, what a treat for him, he loves to swim.

Between the clouds that are drawn to the mountains are the open spaces where the cloud spirits dance. There were some amazing patterns of clouds where you could see the energy of the dance in the big sky. This is the sky of the southwest. The expansiveness that seems endless, that opens even the human heart and mind bigger and beyond the boundaries that cities fit them nicely into.

I drive because i feel free, even if it is driving to Denver for a day and back, the freedom of moving has always been part of my soul. I drive because i get to see how things are changing, i see the seasons differently in different parts of the world at the same time. One morning i wake in the desert, the next i am in the mountains where snow has already fallen on the summits, while down below in the valley it is still scorching. The trees tell me that we are shifting into Autumn early this year, the winds tell me that it is going to be pushing hard, and the people respond with colds already in the season. I see and feel this all in my travels. I am a time traveller, a record keeper, and explorer, because it allows me to share the world, the world to share with me. The wildness of Nature calls me always, the city slowly drains it, and so i take off on the road often, to recharge this beauty.

As the sunset to the west, i saw Red Water Spider playing with Fire Sky Dragon. (photo below)

Here are some other thoughts as well:

Colorado gators, Hwy 17 there are alligators being raised in huts. I felt sad for a moment, and fondly i remember growing up in the bayous of Louisiana and how these people that raised these gators truly missed the real beauty of all the other creatures the alligators live with including the Cypress, and herons, lightening bugs, bullfrogs, crickets, ….

Nearby i cross the ET Viewing Platform, yes there is truly a UFO sky p latform out near the Sand Dunes, oh yes there are ancient sand dunes in the mountains of Colorado, how strangely bizarre this seems, but always i see the scars of old lakes and rivers on the mountains, once there was a Sea here. And i feel the energy.

There is snow already on the caps of the mountains, rock scars lie below and soon they will be covered in white snow, it won’t be long now. I share the wildness with Elk and Deer and Hawks that cross my path.

Driving up to more than 10,000 feet elevation my body changes, it gets squeezed and expanded just like the air in the can of water i carry with me. i feel the changes in the popping of my ears, and i feel the moisture create droplets on my skin as it is evaporated away. and then down to the low elevations and i expanded, sweating profusely. how amazing it feels to have my body change just in a day.

Sometimes i drive fast, ive always driven fast on the highways, once i remember 120 in my old Galaxy 500 with a 351 Cleveland (most of you don’t know what this means, but those that do, smile!) and yet i catch myself driving and i am moving the same speed as time. The setting sun stays with me moving alongside my truck, and i pause feeling like i am floating on air.

Old buildings in ghost towns i pass by. Again the time traveller sees where once 100 years ago, a little family, a garden of veggies, all alive in this little fallen down house.

I see rain in the distance and there in the open space is a rainbow, i really see the rainbows end as it touches the ground, and there is a bright gold light that is shining there, and within this space is a little house, how magical it must feel for those nearby. Surely there are leprechauns and gnomes and faeries in the rainbow.

And then there are those that are still alive and quirky like Cano’s castle, made of everything metal recycled into towers, a castle in this little town that shines and sparkles for miles. The freedom to build whatever you want, what a pleasure to have. And i stop and talk to this man, who gives me a photo of his house and tells me the story of how he built this to tell Obama about the story of his people in 1921, to ask him to right a wrong that was created. And then he introduces me to the medicine of the Osha plant, i give him cedar in return. An exchange of magic, honesty, and human caring.

So, my excuse was a workshop I taught in Denver on Saturday, and things i picked up in my storage unit, but the REAL reason for my travels was for the freedom to experience life, like a small snipet in a time capsule to check how the world was, a barometer of life.

What an amazing adventure!


Today a writing about ALCHEMY! In its many forms, perhaps you have taken homeopathic medicine, or acupuncture, or transformed your breath into sweat. It is all the same but in different forms. As i pondered more about the methods in which to help people and myself transform what is unhealthy to what brings us to the greatest form we can be, i write about my own story of healing:

Many of you have been around long enough now to know that i had a serious illness that nearly killed me 4 years ago. The layers that were involved were much more than a foreign parasite that lodged itself into my blood, it brought out my greatest fears, grief and begged to heal or i would die. The message today is about blood. Blood you are born with carries history with it, it carries knowledge and perception, it comes into this world weak or strong, but it has the ability to change. My Kidney Qi has always been struggling, born into a violent world, i lacked the ancient Qi from my biological mother and father. But beyond that into the more ancient is some pretty divine stuff. So it is the longing of my soul to keep reaching back beyond what didn’t serve me in my early stages of life, to bring back the strength of my blood to be the greatness i am to be.

A blood infection, caused by something toxic, a parasite, something ingested, a malfunctioning filter in the body, reaches to every living cell in your body. When you have blood infections the body craves clean water and air like you have never known before. The purity of these things matters because it can release the toxins with every breath, sweat and release and take in the purity of the water that builds health.

Like Homeopathy, i have taken snake poison, a very thing that would kill someone, but in small doses, so that the chemical substance that mimics the toxin in my body will recognize each other, and something magical happens. The best way i can describe it, a shaman’s healing that refines this poison to become a potent medicine for healing that clears but yet leaves the knowledge so that we can understand the healing of it and share with others.

Every day for the past 4 years i get up with pain, numbness, fatigue residuals of the poison and illness that set up in my body. And every day it is transmuting, changing form and always being my teacher. But the amazing thing is how when we take the actions of mindfully choosing what we eat, knowing this food is the energy of tomorrow, the blood cleansers, that rest, and movement like Qigong and Yoga that balance the yin and yang of the organs, cells and energy in my body, that i am becoming stronger even though i am in age getting one more year older.

I am told that even my stars at the moment are in Chiron Return, An intention to alchemically transform wounds of my past into the medicine that i carry. Truth. Strong, bold, knowing this, gives me strength and calm to rest while becoming. Its not a time to just fall on the couch and let the world pass one by, but to actively look at everyday, every interaction ruffled, pissy, happy, whatever it may be as something that wants your attention to understanding yourself, to understanding me. And why must i understand? because its the insight to all the life around me, into how we are all living in this same light, the sun and the moon, the trees and birds, the chemistry is all the same.

Knowing that like the snake poison that one toxin can transform into potency of healing, believe that beyond your human body, deeper under the microscope to the cells and chemistry, into the energy that they are, we are the same, and the beauty we see outside of us is deep within us.

There is power in Alchemy!

Beauty Report 9/4/12

My Beauty Report for today: i have painted two oil paintings in the last couple of days, i am so very inspired again! I have always called my art my heart stuff, because when i was a little girl someone told me that i would never be able to be an artist, that i had to pick something to be my job. So at 16 when i started college, out of meer rescue of myself, i looked at the college catalog and picked the degree that had the most art classes 🙂 ARCHITECTURE. But… i have come around to my art again, finally being in a place for the past few weeks where i can actually find the inspiration and place to do it.

I am going to have a booth at the Santa Fe Artists Market at the RailYard this Sunday and every sunday i can make it! If you are in Santa Fe, please come by, but mostly share this moment of smiles with me, that my heart gets to move my hand into some beauty again! ahhh…

Sept Full Moon in the double 5s

So today i received a video about the changing times for September. 2012=5 and Sept 2012 = 5

(ok… 2+0+1+2=5  and  9+2+0+1+2 = 14 = 5)

And this is the auspicious time for CHANGE!  I know you are already feeling it, but what is calling is Freedom.

My story……This is the time of the storms that come and shake the trees. Whatever weakness the tree has (like dying leaves or branches), the storm shakes free, and the roots ground deeper and stronger to withstand the storm. The tree however gets to dance, and bend and sing, moving ever so freely. So when the storm calms whatever is left on the tree is the strongest, the most vital to the life of the tree, and from there the energy and potential of the tree roots will send upward and outward to grow.

I grew up in the bayous of Louisiana, and every fall came the time of hurricanes. It was common to listen to the radio and plot the storm on tracker maps. Fill the bathtub with fresh water, and pull out the candles. often we would have a week without electricity and water with the streets and ditches flooded. We never thought twice about swimming in those ditches, i suppose growing up with muddy, fertile rich rivers, the ditch was just as good. The water moccasins however were nothing to mess with. The trees, the bald cypress amazing creatures set in my blood, just learned to adapt. They stand in the water and shoot the roots up and above the water line to breathe. i love the trees in the bayou. And in my thoughts tonight is the full moon, casting her shadow over the still waters of the muddy waters, where crickets and alligators, lightening bugs and herons all sit in her awe.

I always love stories of trees and this one is promising and positive. Stay with your truths and let go of what is not serving you. And “If i weren’t afraid, what would i do with my life” that is the question to ask.

With great love,


Green Dragon (Yin) and White Tiger (Yang) dancing in the moonlight