Leaving for Asia…Jan 10

To all of my friends and students that have been so great these past 5 months, I will be leaving Denver heading to Thailand on Jan 10. My last day at Shakta will be Sunday 1/8 until i return in April. I will be reachable by email and Facebook along the way, please let me hear how you are doing.

I have been tapping into my Forrest resources in finding a new teacher to continue my classes at Shakta so you will not be forgotten. Saturdays will be replaced with a Vinyasa class with Caitlin.

There are many Forrest teachers around town at Samadhi, Kindness and other places including Boulder. I can help you find a reference or place, just contact me.

In March, my teacher Ana Forrest will be in town for 30 days with the Teacher Trainings happening at Root Yoga. The morning ceremonies and intensive practices are open to the public and I encourage all of you to participate, it will be transforming in your life.

My adventures will take me around the world from teaching yoga in Thailand, to Morocco, to Great Britain where i will gather with the european Forrest tribe in mentorship and then perhaps to assist Ana for the European Teacher Training.

I have been most inspired by your presence and you will be in my hearts no matter how far apart we are.

Aho and Namaste!

Candace aka Tigerlily