Tabor Tree Project – Part Two begins October 28, 2021

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, we began the Citizen Science Project called the “Tabor Tree Project” in Portland, Oregon. An old growth forest nestled upon a dormant volcano in the SE of the city, this group of Citizen Scientists identified a diversity of species and ages of trees. Dr. Gossen wiill return with the assistance with the Friends of Mt. Tabor, led by Hap Pritchard to train a new group of volunteers, to continue the ecological health of this old growth forest which consists of mostly Douglas Fir, Big Leaf Maples, London Planetrees, Rowans, a Dawn Redwood, Sequoias, and more. We will be adding a Moon Tree to this living landscape in 2022. Awarded two grants to continue this project, the Mazamas Conservation Grant will be used to set up the data collection for the project with purchasing a laptop and printer. The second grant awarded from the Ronin Institute will be directly supporting the new training upcoming adding new Citizen Scientists to the collective, as well as new data collection expanding the ecology of the forest adding in plant allies, soil information, cloud and landscape changes noting rainfall and climate changes. We are thrilled to begin Part Two and if you are in the Portland, Oregon area please contact the Friends of Mt. Tabor to sign up for the training sessions, ( and see the Portland Hiking Meetup Group for daily Tree Medicine Hikes led by Dr. Gossen. (


For Tabor Tree Project Field Report No. 1 (click link below)

Autumn is here 2021

Hello friends, it has been many months since my last post. Mesa Verde has been beautiful, intriguing, humbling, inspiring just to pick a few words to describe this time capsule. in the early 90s, while in grad school at Arizona State, I was introduced to this place as well as Black Mesa and the desert southwest cultures and their amazing solar architecture. Now, returning many years later after teaching Ancient Cultures and their Science, my place is to be humble and to listen and learn more! If we learn anything in life is that what we learn only informs the next step, it is not the end all, it is not the absolute, for things are forever changing, and time is not linear!

For today, see the beauty in the photos that I have uploaded for you. More stories to come. Be well, always. Candace

Health & Wellness Newsletter 2 – MVNP

Wolfberries, medicine for thousands of years to many cultures. Here at Mesa Verde National Park, they are found as well. Common to Far View Sites they are now in flower, and stand 3′ tall as woody shrubs. When the fruit blooms, it will be orange/red and can be eaten fresh or dried and eaten like raisins, or put into teas, used in cooking, and they treat many things including, because they are the color red, blood. Liver and Kidneys benefit from Goji berries, otherwise known as wolfberry and Lycium spp.


The first Health & Wellness Tips for our MVNP crew and everyone else interested in Mesa Verde. This week May 23, we have had rain, cloudy skies, hail, and both cold and hot weather as we move toward the summer. The mesa ranges from 6,000-8,500′ elevation, and is mostly Windy, all the time. Wind is the change agent, it moves air to cool up the mountain, down the mountain, across the water, even in circles that are often called dust devils. We know wind on our skin as it evaporates moisture off of our bodies quicker and often times we can begin shivering even when the sun is hot and shining. Wind moves through windows and doors, through cliff dwellings and through the canyons. It carries moisture, pathogens and as the old Greeks called them Humours. The Greek physician Hippocrates (ca. 460 BCE–370 BCE) is often credited with developing the theory of the four humors—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm—and their influence on the body and its emotions. The Indigenous people have written many stories about wind. Wind carries messages between the mountains so they can talk to each other and they are the caretakers of those that live in the valleys below. Wind can be mischevious, destroy things too. The trees get to move when the wind blows through, and sitting in a hot desert, wind is very appreciated for bringing reprieve. Remember water is life, and it is through the celebration of water, even every sip, every drop that falls, do a rain dance, a celebration for this gift of life, and never forget we too are 70% water just like the oceans that have created this place we share life with.